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Why teletherapy?

At Resiliency Online Counseling, all therapy sessions offered will be teletherapy. Teletherapy is a real time, two-way, secure, and HIPPA compliant communication, with audio and video, to provide therapy (basically fancy Skype). We provide teletherapy to adolescents and adults who are residents of Virginia

There are many benefits to engage in teletherapy as opposed to your typical office visit. With teletherapy there is no travel time to and from the office, no worrying about childcare while you are in session, and no sitting awkwardly in a waiting room. Teletherapy is accessible for all individuals with internet connection, who have a webcam or cell phone camera and microphone. Teletherapy provides you with the ease of interacting with your therapist in a space you feel most comfortable in. Overall, teletherapy can be more convenient and accessible than regular office visits and with our client portal you can schedule, or re-schedule your appointments any time without the hassle of calling. 

While there are many benefits to teletherapy, we understand that it is not for everyone. Teletherapy is a relatively new concept so it can easily be intimidating and/or confusing. We offer a hassle free 15 minute consultation where you can try out our teletherapy software. During the consult you will meet with your therapist via live video conferencing to ask any questions you may have and to get to know your therapist. After the consult, you are well on your way to becoming a teletherapy pro and are free to schedule your initial appointment after that. After the free 15 minute consult if you decide teletherapy is not for you, that's okay, we appreciate you gave it a try!

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