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individual therapy

Therapy, also called psychotherapy or counseling, involves meeting with a licensed therapist to address any issues that are hindering your daily life or future goals. Those “issues” may involve negative beliefs about yourself or the world, feelings of sadness that you cannot shake, feeling overwhelmed and stressed to the point your body aches, or ineffective behaviors that leave you a few steps behind where you want to be. Engaging in therapy is a big first step in beginning the journey to live as the healthiest version of you. Therapy can help you create the life you want to live by regaining control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 


Though everyone’s therapy process is different, every therapist at Resiliency Online Counseling LLC will collaborate with you to establish goals for the life you want to live and discuss how therapy can help you along that journey. Your therapist will be a person that supports you, actively listens, provides you with appropriate feedback, and follows ethical guidelines. Therapy will be tailored to you and your goals as you are the expert of your life.

Anxiety THERAPY 

You find yourself worrying about anything and everything. You feel overwhelmed with the idea of controlling your thoughts. Therapy can help.  

Motherhood SUPPORT

You neglected yourself for the tenth time today. The idea of keeping everyone alive and well AND having some "you time" seems laughable. Let's talk about it. 

Life Transitions

You are in a new job or starting/re-starting college and all the changes are weighing you down. Let's take one step forward right now. 

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