What Teletherapy Is

Resilient. That is the one word I would use to describe humanity as a whole. We are always figuring out how to create and improve our quality of life even in the worst of times. With the current social shift of becoming more accepting of the digital world, new possibilities are becoming much more realistic. People are noticing that virtual doctor visits, or telehealth are becoming increasingly more convenient and viable than traditional office visits. The alien idea of teletherapy could easily be intimidating or confusing, but it does not need to be! Teletherapy is the utilization of technology to connect virtually with your therapist as opposed to going through the hassle of visiting them in the their office. Teletherapy is accessible for all individuals with internet connection, who have a webcam or cell phone camera and microphone. It is convenient and you can go at your own terms and pace. Teletherapy is the answer to the new challenges we are facing in today's trying times; it is the product of humanity's resiliency.

There are many pros to try teletherapy or online counseling as opposed to your typical in-office visit. With teletherapy, there is no travel time to and from the office, no worrying about childcare while you are in session, no sitting awkwardly in a waiting room, and no possible exposure to COVID-19. You do not have to think about the time it will take you to leave work, battle traffic, sit through an hour-long appointment, battle traffic again, and finish your workday. You can easily have a teletherapy session in your car while eating lunch then walk back to your office when done. Online counseling can take the hassle and anxiety of being late to or missing appointments. In therapy, we often talk about challenging or uncomfortable topics and with a quick video chat with a therapist you can take a bit of the ‘edge’ off by being in a place you feel comfortable in, like your home. Teletherapy provides you with the ease of interacting with your therapist in a space you feel most comfortable in. This new way to connect is here to stay.

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