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Okay, let's face it, being a mother is no walk in the park. Whether you are pregnant, new to motherhood, or have 5 kids, you struggle with finding balance in keeping everyone alive and well AND taking care of yourself. Did you just laugh at the idea of "taking care of yourself?" If so, you might benefit from talking to someone that can help you find that balance. Have you felt any of the following?

  • You judge yourself for not being "the perfect mother" even though that is impossible.

  • Mom guilt has become an unwelcome friend in your mind.

  • You feel bad asking for help even when you feel like you are drowning.

  • You feel that you are the only mom who has ever thought "did I make a mistake?"

  • You spend hours on Google figuring out ways to help your kid(s) grow up to be successful adults. 

  • You feel that your social circle now consists of children and Netflix. 

  • The idea of taking time for yourself, makes you feel like a bad mother. 

You are not alone.

Being a mother is both a wonderful and wonderfully stressful part of life. I am here to let you know that you are not alone and that it is okay to take time for yourself. We will work together to find some balance in your life so you don't always feel like you are drowning. 

If you feel that you would benefit from therapy to find balance in your life please call 910-302-8662 or email at

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