Allie Barker MSW, LCSWA, LCASA

I know, on both a personal and professional level, that life can easily get overwhelming to the point that it is almost impossible to think straight. When it seems that life keeps throwing you curveballs, it can feel insurmountable to make a plan for problem-solving or even figuring out what you want your next step to be. Whether the stresses are from unexpected new life circumstances, trying to reconcile your past, or a global pandemic, I firmly believe that everyone has the ability to use coping skills they have (but might not know they have) and learn new ones to tackle the issues at hand. My perspective in therapy is that everyone has their own "coping skills toolbox" and it is my job to help you polish the rusty tools that you haven't used in a while and make room for new and improved tools that are just for you. While sometimes our lives can feel out of control, many times all we need is a little boost from an outside person to help us move through overwhelming situations. 


A little bit about my education: I graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice in 2015 from Western Carolina University. After graduating I attended the Master’s of Social Work program at Western Carolina University and graduated in 2018. Since then, I relocated to Fayetteville, NC, and worked in community mental health where I treated children, teens, and adults with a wide range of diagnoses and life circumstances. 


I appreciate the time you have taken to read a little bit about me! Therapy is all about the “fit” and the relationship between therapist and client, so please feel free to reach out and schedule a 15-minute free consultation to dip your toes into telehealth and meet me! 

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