Our counselors are licensed clinical  therapists.


You set the pace and terms that you want to go by. Same therapy, no commuting.


Providing North Carolina residents access to secure, HIPPA compliant mental health services.


No need to be burdened by having to travel to an office. Have session in your own home, office, or location of your choosing!

How it works


Schedule an appointment

Click "Request Appointment" and choose between a free 15 minute video consultation to try it out, or skip that step and schedule your initial appointment today!

Choose what date and time work for you 

Choose the best time and day for you on an easy to read calendar. 

Provide your information 

Provide your contact information through our secure scheduling software.

Confirmation email 

An email will be sent to provide a hassle free link to securely connect to the licensed therapist.

Begin therapy sessions

The live video sessions are always secure, confidential, and HIPPA compliant

Set up your next appointment

Our online client portal makes it easy for you to tailor your next appointment to meet your needs.

If you, or any other person is in danger do not use this site. Contact your local law enforcement, or go to the emergency room.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a free 24-hour service at 1-800-273-8255.

Contact Us

Please do not provide personal health information via the "Contact Us." Use only for general questions. 

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